LJ100 Tongkat Ali Supplement Review, Benefits and Side Effects

LJ100 is an institutionalized tongkat ali (Eurycoma longifolia) supplement separated from the foundation of the plant utilizing high-weight water extraction. LJ100 is institutionalized to contain 40 % glycosaponins and 22 % eurypeptides.

Tongkat ali is the customary name for Eurycoma longifolia, a tall, shrubby tree that is indigenous to the sandy soil of Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. It is otherwise called Malaysian ginseng or long jack (subsequently LJ100).

Tongkat ali is generally utilized as a part of Malaysia as a love potion, antipyretic (diminish fever), hostile to malarial, against diabetic and antimicrobial drug.

Today, LJ100 tongkat ali is utilized for various conditions, including erectile brokenness, feebleness, barrenness and to enhance athletic execution and physical quality. Tongkat ali is accepted to expand testosterone levels, which might affect sexual capacity and craving while expanding muscle improvement and quality.

How does LJ100 Tongkat Ali Work?

LJ100 Tongkat ali is frequently utilized as a part of the trusts of expanding testosterone levels in the body.

Tongkat ali has been seen to expand testosterone levels in rats, however there is constrained logical proof for the plant’s capacity to apply the same impact in people. Likewise, tongkat ali has been seen to show Spanish fly impacts in rodent thinks about.

How does LJ100 influence testosterone levels? While basically considered as a male hormone, ladies additionally deliver testosterone. Be that as it may, testosterone levels in ladies are, all things considered, 80 % not as much as those in men.

One of the main studies accessible on the relationship between tongkat ali and hormone creation included an investigation of 76 men experiencing late-onset hypogonadism, a condition where guys don’t produce enough testosterone or have an impeded capacity to deliver sperm.

Members were given 200 mg of water-solvent tongkat ali remove for one month. People who got tongkat ali had fundamentally higher serum blood groupings of testosterone contrasted with gauge levels. Members likewise reported decreased side effects of hypogonadism.

In a different study, a day by day measurement of 400 mg tongkat ali for five weeks was seen to build testosterone levels and muscle quality in both elderly men and ladies.

While these outcomes have demonstrated LJ100 tongkat ali might build testosterone levels in people with low hormone levels, more research is expected to figure out what impact tongkat ali has on youthful, sound people.

Furthermore, there is proof that tongkat ali does not enhance continuance or execution in male recreational competitors.

LJ100 Tongkat Ali Effects

The way LJ100 tongkat ali sways testosterone levels is still the subject of study. A few scientists suspect tongkat ali might expand testosterone creation in Leydig cells, the cells contained in the male testes that are in charge of testosterone generation.

Also, long jack might discharge bound testosterone, consequently expanding blood serum levels.

In preparatory creature concentrates on, eurycomanone, a segment of tongkat ali, was seen to display hostile to estrogenic impacts.

Testosterone and estrogen are firmly associated in the human body and the counter estrogenic action might assume a part in testosterone levels.

Tongkat Ali and Male Infertility

In one study, a particular tongkat ali supplement was given to men with barrenness for somewhere around three and nine months.

Men accepting tongkat ali were seen to have higher semen volume and had more typical sperm morphology and motility. Furthermore, 14.7 % of members encountered an unconstrained pregnancy after treatment.

LJ100 Customer Reviews

Client surveys of LJ100 tongkat ali on Amazon.com are blended. A few clients report change in side effects of fruitlessness and low moxie while different clients report no impact.

Wellbeing and Side Effects of LJ100

The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database rates tongkat ali as "Potentially Safe" when taken orally and properly. Thinks about including long lift have gone on for to nine months.

Notwithstanding, there are no studies on particular LJ100 tongkat ali supplements. Also, there are no studies accessible on the long haul wellbeing of tongkat ali supplementation.

Pregnant and/or breastfeeding ladies ought to maintain a strategic distance from this supplement on the grounds that there is inadequate proof to comprehend its impact on hatchlings and children.

Tongkat ali might connect with medicine and over-the-counter prescriptions. Anybody determined to have a therapeutic condition or taking physician recommended drugs ought to talk with their specialist before taking LJ 100 tongkat ali.

In all cases, talk with your specialist before taking tongkat ali to ensure the supplement is a good fit for you.


Tongkat ali has a long history of conventional use to enhance moxie, decrease fever, regard diabetes and go about as a hostile to viral, against bacterial and against malarial compound.

The plant holds a venerated place in Malaysian society and it stays illicit to reap tongkat ali from nature.

A few studies have demonstrated tongkat ali might enhance testosterone levels in those anguish from low testosterone. It has likewise been seen to enhance sperm profiles in barren men. Be that as it may, there is no proof to propose taking LJ100 tongkat ali all alone enhances athletic execution in generally sound people.